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We create your Corporate Intranet so that you can easily manage your company from the web.

Centralize all documents in the network to make it accessible to all employees.

Organize your business efficiently through a corporate intranet.

A corporate intranet aims to centralize information and make the company more productive. Its main function is to improve collaboration among workers and enhance corporate culture.

In Imaginae we advise you on how to create and promote your intranet to get the documents, resources and applications to the maximum number of workers, wherever they are. All our projects are tailored and according to your needs.

Centralize all the documents of your company through the intranet and send them to any of your offices promoting the corporate culture.

How do we develop an intranet?

We define the intranet in a mock-up prior to its development. Thus guaranteeing a correct implementation. Once the client is satisfied, we will carry out the jointly agreed design.

We program and design clean, simple and easy Intranets, adapting to the characteristics of the project and using the best usability practices to ensure that users feel comfortable with the interface and facilitate their work.

Why should you implement an intranet in your company or business?

At we have been doing corporate intranets for more than 10 years and we have personally verified the productivity and communication benefits associated with the use of these networks.

These are the 3 key points of having an intranet in your business:

1-Reduction of costs associated with communication:With an intranet, you can have all the documents in one place, without needing to depend on emails or folders.

2-It will increase internal efficiency: An intranet allows you to better manage your projects and have more control over them.

3-Promotes corporate culture: Your employees will collaborate and share information in an efficient and effective way. All in the same place.