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We develop or migrate your web or mobile platform to a new cloud architecture.

Developments under Amazon Webservices and Google Cloud for high availability environments.

Tools and products in the cloud with AWS and Google Cloud


Machine Learning & Big Data

Using the AWS and Google Cloud AI tools, it is possible to create learning patterns, add image recognition, speech recognition, Deep Learning and other technologies in an easy way and without major developments.



For the development of internet of things projects and connection of devices to the cloud, AWS iot and Google Cloud IOT make it possible to speed up the development of the apis part for the cloud management of the data sensed or obtained by the product. With an agile development, we can create the different apis interconnected with databases to store the collected information and to be able to do big data analysis or machine learning actions.



AWS and Google Cloud allow developers to integrate their apps directly against apis rest, speeding up development and facilitating security via oauth with AWS Cognito or Google Cloud Identity.

In addition Google Firebase allows you to have different agile development tools to facilitate the integration of apps and webapps for initial MVP prototypes.



AWS Lambda vs Google Cloud Functionws

Through the use of the AWS Lambda function system, rest serverless services can be created that can be called promptly or with variable use or requests, maintaining a much lower cost of use than dedicated servers.

These services can be secured using tools such as Amazon Cognito or Google Cloud Identity.



Scalability and Elasticity for applications

Using Elastic Beanstalk and Amazon EC2 containers, Amazon virtual servers allow you to load webapps and applications based on api rest, in an easy way, with cost per use and guaranteed scalability.

Google Cloud in turn, maintains the same concept with Goodle App Engine and Kubernettes Engine.

By means of load balancers we can increase the traffic between a minimum (worst case) and a maximum, starting and stopping servers automatically, paying only for the use of the tools.



Relational databases and NoSQL

Amazon offers different database tools for application storage. Amazon RDS is the most common database server architecture in web or mobile environments, with the possibility of having Mysql, PostgreSQL or MariaDB. Others, such as DynamoDB, allow having NoSQL databases and Amazon Aurora is a high-performance relational database of the AWS.

Google Cloud provides the same architecture with Cloud Storeage and Cloud Datastore.


Amazon Webservices vs Google Cloud.

The 2 most used architectures worldwide at the Cloud level are Amazon Webservices and Google Cloud.

The fact of developing your project under a cloud architecture brings many advantages, mainly to have high availability architectures with tools that facilitate the development and costs of variable servers and only by use.

In these cases, the cloud architecture allows scalable products to be available at a lower price than dedicated servers.

Another important point to consider in the development of cloud architecture is the security that these systems provide, given that environments tested and used by thousands of companies are used, in which there are already predefined rules that developers must follow to guarantee the integration of webapps, mobile or iot products.

If you are interested in seeing the tools provided by these two clouds, tell us about your project.




Enter the cloud and scale your project at a lower cost!

In Imaginae, we study the needs of the project, to see which strategy and cloud platform is the most appropriate to carry out the project.