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Cofem Installers & Cofem Guard

Aplicación Móvil
para Cofem

Client: Cofem

Services: Aplicación Móvil

Cofem Apps

Android native development for Cofem, an expert company in the field of fire-fighting plants for two very different profiles:

Cofem Installers, it facilitates to the installers that are in the field, the computerization in mobile of the points that are installing, for this way by means of a database sqlite, integrate it directly in the software of control of the Installation. This application has Bidi and Voice Reading to be able to read the installation points in a simple way while in field deployment.

Google Play link:

Cofem Guard, allows to receive alarms from the central directly to the mobile. With an internal Sqllite database, it allows each user to manage and store the alarms that interest them, according to importance, deactivating those that are not necessary or are already resolved. Receive direct push messages with the most urgent alarms.

Google Play link: