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Ajuntament de Sabadell – IONIC App with Apache Cordova

Aplicación Móvil
para Ajuntament de Sabadell

Client: Ajuntament de Sabadell

Services: Aplicación Móvil

Ajuntament de Sabadell – IONIC app with Apache Cordova

Mobile application for the Sabadell police department developed with the IONIC Framework based on Apache Cordova (old named PhoneGap), for Android and Iphone.

Tool interconnected with Java webservices, which allows the person to be geolocated and send notices or calls to the police in case of emergency, with push notices to send informative and incident notifications to people who have downloaded it.

We access the camera and GPS from the IONIC Framework apis.

A native resident widget has been developed to send geolocation information to the cloud, for those who require it.

Design and usability also done by Imaginae based on the original native application available to the police.