CMS OpenSource software developments

Imaginae brings extensive experience in CMS type developments in simple or advanced web projects, depending on the level of project requirement.

Self-managed websites through CMS.

A CMS (content management system) or content manager allows you to have control of the information and image of your website at any time, distributing the tasks of Information Editing, Publication, Consultation among the different users created from the Administration console .

As an expert company in the implementation of Opensource environments, we work with different platforms that guarantee the availability of a fully self-managed website.

We are experts in  Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla,Concrete and we work according to the expectations of our clients.


Usability and responsive design

Application designs in general should follow a good usability design. Usability is nothing more than a follow-up of navigation, visualization and interaction rules that have been conceived by users or people on a daily basis, or by frequent use of applications in different environments (browsers, operating systems). These rules allow us to create an intuitive environment in which the user feels comfortable and understands what are the steps to follow without just thinking. Among these features is the navigability of the applications, anticipation of the user’s needs, colors for any type of disability, reduction of the user’s waiting time, among others. We consider and validate in each project that usability and navigability are the most optimal for the type of portal or application, depending on the end user it focuses on.

Realizamos proyectos digitales que se adapten a cualquier dispositivo.

CMS based on J2EE?

Very complete tools developed in Java and that provides a very flexible programming and a way to manage the contents of the web in a simple and clear way.

 •Liferay Visit the website.

 •Magnolia CMS. Visit the website.

 •Opencms. Visit the website.

If you are not sure what your CMS fits better with your business, let us decide with you.

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PHP based CMS?

Very complete tools developed under standard php. Very customizable both graphically and technically, they provide a very large community with countless plugins that facilitate development.

•Wordpress. Visit the website.
•Drupal. Visit the website.
•Joomla. Visit the website.
•Concrete 5. Visit the website. 

If you are not sure what your CMS fits better with your business, let us decide with you.

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