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Marketing for ecommerce, increase the sales of your online store.

We create a digital marketing strategy for you to reach your audience.

Ecommerce marketing actions designed to increase your sales.

If you already have an ecommerce in operation or are thinking of setting it up, it is time to make a digital marketing plan to reach your target audience. If you are starting, and you have not carried out marketing actions, do not worry, at Imaginae we will create a digital strategy so that you reach your potential customers that will not only allow you to increase visits but most importantly, get more sales.


What are our keys to create a marketing strategy for ecommerce?

Our team of experts will analyze your case and determine, through the following 5 phases, what digital marketing plan you should implement in your online store:

  • Internal and external analysis: What are your strengths and weaknesses? How is the market in which we want to act?
  • Target audiences: We will define how your buyer person is to reach him.
  • Objectives and strategy: We will draw an action plan marking us some objectives.
  • Actions to take in project: What set of actions we will take to develop the objectives and strategy set.
  • Analysis of results:We will use digital analytics tools to measure the actions carried out.

What tools of Digital Marketing do we use?

With the digital marketing plan defined, it will be time to choose the right tools to implement it successfully.

Our experts in digital marketing will decide, depending on the type of business and objectives, what tools will be necessary to bring your ecommerce to success.