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Magento 2.0, we take your ecommerce to the next level.

We create or migrate your online store with the latest Magento updates.

Magento 2.0, the new update.

Magento launched in November 2015 the long-awaited update of its platform, to offer its users a significant improvement of the tool.

After some  updates and improvements, Magento 2 is a very stable platform you can migrate your current Magento 1.x to, or even develop it for an scalable project.

At Imaginae, we have studied it in detail to know it and implement it correctly in all our projects.



What benefits does Magento 2.0 provide?

First, it provides a renewed code that makes the tool more agile and faster, but also offers the following improvements than the powerful new version we expected:

  • New directory structure.
  • A friendlier administration panel.
  • SEO and search engine optimization improvement.
  • Significant improvements in performance and speed.

Do you want to migrate to Magento 2.0?

Our team of specialists is ready to migrate your ecommerce with total security and guarantees of success. You just have to contact us!


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