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We develop your hybrid application on any platform with the power of Ionic Framework.

We bring to life your project with Ionic framework

Ionic framework is a platform to develop mobile applications in HTML5 with native plugins to interact with de mobile devices. We use its power to create hybrid mobile apps, with which we integrate all the advantages of native applications and web applications.

Ionic uses existing technologies, on the one hand it relies on HTML, CSS and JavaScript and on the other on Apache Cordova and AngularJs or RestJs, therefore it is ideal for developing highly interactive applications.

What are the advantages of using this framework?

Ionic offers us many advantages in the development of our applications and projects:

  1. Multiplatform: It allows us to create an application compatible with all existing platforms in the market: Mainly Android and IoS, but can have others in future like Microsoft or Huawei specific platforms.
  2. User friendly interface: Ionic allows us to create user-friendly interfaces and at the same time customizable to the needs of your project.
  3. Based on Angular:  Angular technology is, without a doubt, an important point in the creation of the application, since it has the backing of Google.

Develop your hybrid application with us

At Imaginae we have a solid experience in the creation of all types of mobile applications.

We offer you our advice and development team so that your application goes from being a simple idea to a real project and a solid reference in the market. We accompany you from: the initial study, to the elaboration of mock-ups to guarantee the correct usability, the launch and subsequent monitoring.

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