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Your partner on the internet

Imaginae is a young company with great concerns in the world of Information Technology.

All of us who are part of the company have extensive careers and experience in different companies in the country and internationally. From technical experts in Internet and Systems, to graphic designers, we all collaborate together to ensure that the maximum number of companies and people have an optimal presence on the Internet.

In Imaginae we consider ourselves technologists or technological experts, and we put all our knowledge so that your Website, Portal, Intranet and / or E-commerce (virtual store or catalog) obtain all the potential you need to optimize your time and that of your clients , distributors or employees.

Internet brings value and returns profit!

What do we offer you?

Imaginae supports you in every step towards this return and advises you on everything you need to make your company one more ICT.

  • Technological knowledge in different areas at your service.
  • Advice and Help to obtain an influx of future clients to your website or portal.
  • Study of your company and e-innovation.
  • Save money using Free Software systems.
  • Maximize your company using the Information Systems tailored to your needs and budget.
  • Knowledge in developing advanced Websites, Intranets, Portals, e-marketing …
  • We adapt to your budget with different types of products:
  • Web templates, face-to-face webs, standard catalogs …
  • Long experience in the Internet world and custom developments in J2EE, Flash, RIA (Rich Internet Applications), Php, Free Software.
  • Complete ecommerce developments to boost your sales on the Internet.

Where we are?

Imaginae offices are located in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona (Sabadell):

In any case, our concerns and knowledge allow us to open ourselves to the whole of Europe by offering our services in a personalized way.

To do this, we use technology and the Internet to approach you, as if we were just around the corner. We mainly work with web-meeting tools, PPP (Skype), VoIP and other tools that facilitate online communication.

How we work?

  • Initial interview.
  • Collection of requirements and budgeting.
  • Technological advice and definition of technological architecture according to project.
  • Acceptance of the project by the client.
  • We analyze the problem and functional definition of the project.
  • Technical definition of the development and start of the programming.
  • Validations by phases and meetings with the client for the follow-up of the project.
  • Completion of development and test set
  • Start of production and start of the agreed guarantee.
  • Maintenance and emarketing if the project and the client require it.

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