Web applications in PHP and Laravel Framework.

We are prepared to offer you the best service in PHP and Laravel.

We develop web applications with PHP and Laravel to boost your business.

At Imaginae, we have a team of experts to develop web applications with PHP and Laravel. We have been developing applications for all types of customers and sectors for more than 10 years.

What type frameworks do we use?

We use PHP with MVC frameworks (model-view-controller) or Api Rest architectures: Laravel, Zend and Cake as backend tools and Bootstrap as frontend frameworks, obtaining a mobile responsive design accessible from any type of device.

Our experts will help you choose the technology that best suits the characteristics of your project, offering you in a short time and an adapted budget, a web application suitable for your business.

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How do we develop web applications with PHP and Laravel?

We develop following agile methodologies based on SCRUM, so that development is managed by milestones and deliveries.

We use the MVC (model-view-controller) Api Rest software architecture to define modular and easily scalable developments. We analyze the startup project to propose the best option in each case.

We have a multidisciplinary team, with architects, analysts, team leaders and programmers to complete a well-planned and optimized development from the beginning, providing value and defining with guarantees the scalability and future path we will need in each case.

We encourage you to visit our web portals page if you want to know more!

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